//This week’s top travel trends

This week’s top travel trends

These are the trends we picked up on from the news this week:

Travellers save to splurge 

Who said holidays should either be lavish or on a shoestring? According to eight&four’s Generation Travel study, which surveyed 2,000 people in the UK, 79% of 25-to-34-year-olds are combining budget and luxury elements on the same break to make their money go further. As for where they’re willing to make cuts, most agree that transport is the place to save.



Back to their roots

With at-home genetic tests from companies such as 23andMe becoming increasingly popular, more and more travellers are taking trips to trace their roots. According to Airbnb, there’s been a 500% increase in people using the service to connect with their ancestry since 2014. A new partnership aims to make the search easier: once a customer receives their 23andMe report, they’ll be able to find Airbnb homes and experiences in their ‘country of origin’.



The rise of the microbreak
Short, one- or two-night getaways are becoming a popular alternative to longer holidays. The Avis 2019 Travel Trends report found that more than half of British holidaymakers surveyed (52%) preferred to take shorter, more frequent breaks when going on holiday and, on average, have taken at least three short breaks over the past year. Those aged 25-34 are even more inclined to take a microbreak, with 24% having taken five or more last year. Cities are the preferred option for super-short getaways, with 45% of Brits opting for a city break over the beach (24%).


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