//This week’s top travel trends

This week’s top travel trends

Here are the trends we’ve noticed this week:

Australia: the most adventurous country in the world

Overland Ireland analysed Google search trends to find the most adventurous countries in the world, based on search volume around key phrases such as skydiving, skiing and scuba diving. Coming out in the top spot is Australia, followed by the USA, UK, New Zealand and Germany. The research also revealed that, while Americans are most interested in hiking, New Zealanders enjoy rafting and Brits prefer kayaking.


The rise of the ‘mobilemoon’

Expedia’s Solo Travel Report reveals that, when given the ultimatum of choosing between bringing their mobile phone or a travel companion on their next trip, one-third of Americans surveyed would pick their devices. The so-called ‘mobilemoon’ is especially popular among younger travellers, with 83% of generation Z and 80% of millennials admitting being drawn to the idea. When asked about the advantages of this trend, solo travellers cite a desire to meet new people, disconnect from everyday life and achieve a sense of independence.


Italy named best wine country

According to new research from lastminute.com, Italy is the world’s best wine location, followed by France and Spain. The findings are based on the number of wine awards won, vineyards open to visitors and wine-tasting experiences available, as well as on the travel experience itself. While the top three countries may come as no surprise, other findings might be more of a revelation: in Georgia, ranked in seventh place, wine-lovers can visit the red wine regions of Racha and Kakheti, and in Serbia, which came in at number eight, there are 29 vineyards open to the public.


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