//This week’s top travel trends

This week’s top travel trends

Here are the trends which stood out for us in the news this week:

Top UK destinations for cultural breaks

A new study by TicketSource has used TripAdvisor data to reveal which UK cities, outside of London, are the best places to visit for culture-led city breaks. Inverness gets the gold medal, out of 68 cities included in the study, followed by Durham and Bath. The destinations have been ranked based on the number of cultural attractions per square mile located within their perimeters.



Newlyweds ditch hotels for homestays

Millennial couples are rejecting traditional honeymoon holidays in favour of homestays booked through peer-to-peer online platforms. As the wedding season kicks off, Patchwork Honeymoon Fund reports that 44% of newlyweds using its website are renting or swapping homes instead of booking hotels — up 25 % from 2018. One of the factors driving the trend is the high cost of weddings, but young newlyweds increasingly want their honeymoons to be once-in-a-lifetime adventures rather than suite-and-beach getaways.



The growing wellness getaway demand for men

Wellness holidays are marketed to women, but more and more men are also engaging in relaxing getaways. Paul Joseph, co-founder of Health and Fitness Travel, has reported a 42% increase in men booking health-driven escapes since 2010.



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