//This week’s top travel trends

This week’s top travel trends

The trends bubbling to the top this week:

Multigenerational holidays growing in popularity

15% of UK travellers now take trips in multigenerational family groups, according to a survey commissioned by The House of Daniel Thwaites. This kind of getaway has significant perks: 60% of respondents said they provide a way to spend quality time with their loved ones while 55% felt they allow grandparents to spend time with grandchildren they don’t often see. When booking a trip for the whole family, Brits mostly look for locations with a range of activities (67%) and facilities for all age groups (65%) as well as a variety of dining options (43%).


US most popular road-trip destination

Europcar analysed just under 47 million Instagram images posted with the hashtag road trip (#roadtrip) to discover the most popular destinations for an adventure on the road. According to the findings, the USA, Australia and Canada are the most Instagramable countries for a trip on four wheels. The three most popular routes are all in the USA: grabbing the top spot is the journey from Seattle to San Diego, followed by the drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and then from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon.


The world’s most expensive beach

According to travel platform YouDiscover, the most expensive beach in the world is Pampelonne on the French Riviera, where lunch costs on average $76.38 (£63.30) per person. YouDiscover has uncovered the most expensive beaches around the world to help travellers select exclusive spots for their summer getaway — as well as prepare for unexpected expenses. The destinations were ranked according to the average price of amenities and refreshments (sun cream, bottled water, beer, ice cream and lunch) in the stores and outlets close to the coasts. According to the findings, the cheapest beach is Cua Dai Beach in Hoi An, Vietnam.


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