//Trends Q&A: Titan Travel

Trends Q&A: Titan Travel

Adventurous, active clients and an improved infrastructure mean wilderness and wildlife discovery are key trends, says Titan Travel product manager Phil Ellis

What have been your big travel trends so far this year?
Wildlife has been a massive trend so far for 2018, with more people than ever travelling to Africa and Asia to discover the flora and fauna of these incredible continents. Here at Titan Travel we’ve responded by expanding our wildlife offering with new tours to Uganda, Madagascar, South Africa and central India, where the new Wild India tour takes in 10 safari adventures through three of the country’s national parks.

Why do you think there’s been such big interest in this area?
Our clients are becoming increasingly active and adventurous; they’re fitter than ever and want to head into the world’s more remote areas to discover the weird and wonderful. Also, many destinations are improving both their accessibility and infrastructure, which is opening up historically impassable routes.

Has this varied from 2017?
Yes, without question. The demand for our Wildlife tour has increased significantly since last year and it’s also growing into 2019.

What do you think will be the big travel trends next year and why?
I can see demand for Central Asia increasing in the next year or two as the countries that make up this region are becoming more active in the market.

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